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August 22, 2022
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With an ever-changing landscape digital marketing sometimes feels like a minefield… but that’s why we are here! Keeping ourselves on top of the newest trends is extremely important to us, so we can offer you more opportunities for your company to grow further by reaching more potential customers.

Here we look at the power of TikTok advertising – with no dancing involved (unless of course you want to!). With its rapid rise TikTok has seen the app reach 1 billion users and counting! And with this huge engagement comes huge opportunity for marketers.

‘But isn’t it just for kids?’ we hear you cry – perhaps in the earlier days, but now we see influencers like Gordon Ramsay and Rod Stewart doing extremely well on TikTok, as well as the lovingly named ‘granfluencers’ (anyone older than 60) who are taking the platform by storm.

Due to its scale and the fact that it’s not yet saturated with ads, TikTok is a very exciting marketing channel – allowing for more affordable generations of clicks and impressions.

There are a few options that marketers can utilise to target their demographic; including in-feed adverts (self-service ads created through the TikTok ad manager), image ads (which run on TikTok’s News Feed apps and include a name, text, and image), and of course probably the most well know, video ads which run between 5-60 seconds in the For You Feed.

TikTok advertising encourages authenticity, which drives brands to success, plus the use of popular songs encourages the viewer to feel a connection to what they are viewing (even if the product is new to them).

TikTok is not about to go anywhere any time soon, with its creatively, entertainment value and positive energy it’s only going to grow more – an exciting time for brands and marketers!

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