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Introducing our

B Corp

We're excited to announce that Smash Marketing is now B Corp certified! This accreditation highlights our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

What it is

B Corp Certification is a seal of approval given to businesses that go above and beyond - setting the bar high in social and environmental efforts, and maintaining transparency and accountability all the way. B Corp status is awarded by the non-profit B Lab, an organisation that evaluates businesses based on a rigorous assessment of how they impact their workers, customers, environment, and the community.

What this means for us

Securing a B Corp Certification means we've taken a significant step forward in our commitment to environmental sustainability. This certification demonstrates that Smash Marketing is a force of positive change- and we're not done yet.

Our commitment ties into everything we do, from our team culture to how we deliver for our clients.
As a B Corp, we meet high standards of transparency and accountability while striving to use the power of our business as a force for good. This means when you choose to work with Smash Marketing, you can trust that you're partnering with a company dedicated to doing the right thing – for you, our team, and the world.

We're proud to be part of this global movement that champions ethical business practices, and we're excited about the impact we can make together with our clients and fellow B Corporations.

We are climate positive through Ecologi Zero

Ecologi Zero is an emissions calculation tool, designed to help businesses work out their operational carbon footprint. Through this collaboration, we’re taking proactive steps to offset our carbon footprint and support reforestation projects around the world.

We encourage our clients to consider eco-friendly alternatives and assist them in developing marketing campaigns that align with sustainable practices.

We understand the importance of leading by example. By incorporating Ecologi Zero into our practices, we inspire our employees, clients, and stakeholders to adopt eco-friendly behaviours.
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Through education and awareness programs, we actively engage with our community to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability. In doing so, we not only drive change within our own organisation but also influence others to embrace a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

Our Ecologi Badges

Ecologi 3 Months
3 months
of climate action
Ecologi 6 Months
6 months
of climate action
Ecologi 12 Months
1 year
of climate action
Ecologi 10 Tons of Carbon
10 tonnes
of CO2 avoided
500 trees
funded by Smash
View our Ecologi Forest

Smash Marketing Limited's impact visualised

43.35 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to one of the following


long haul flights


metres² of sea ice saved


miles driven in a car

We’re proud to have

as our official charity partner

The Priscilla Bacon Hospice is a charity that was set up to fundraise for and build a new hospice facility on Unthank Road in Norwich. They have a proud heritage of bringing peace, dignity and vital support to thousands of families across Norfolk.

In addition, we take great pride in being a 500 club member which is a community of local business and organisations who work together in harmony to support each other, whilst pledging their support for the Priscilla Bacon Hospice.

This year, we aim to raise £500 by participating in events.

Helping Women Get Back Into Work

At Smash Marketing, we believe in supporting our local community and representing typically underrepresented groups which is why we’ve begun an initiative to help women who have been out of work for a significant amount of time and have no recent experience either due to motherhood or health.

We pledge to provide experience to these women and train them in the core job functions and beyond to not only build their confidence but to push them into a position of full time employment.

To achieve this, we have teamed up with Seetec Pluss, Anicca, Cambridge Spark, New Anglia Growth Hub and The Feed.
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New Anglia GROWTH HUB Logo
The Feed Logo

Real investments in real people

Learning opportunities
passing on knowledge
Internship opportunities

Learning opportunities

Two of our current team members have been given the opportunity to complete a Digital Marketing Diploma while another is a UEA placement student pursuing Marketing Management.

Passing on knowledge

Rebecca (our MD) has been teaching a Digital Marketing qualification and recently obtained the certificate herself through the DMI.


We offer an internship position for Work Experience students from local sixth forms and colleges, helping them feel like they are part of something meaningful.

T Level Placements

The 'T Level' or 'Technical Level,' is a transformative educational qualification available mainly to 16-18 year olds. It combines classroom-based learning with an ongoing industry placement, offering students practical experience in their industries of choice. 

Our placements are both at Smash Marketing to learn more about the world of marketing, and we are delighted to aid these emerging talents as they progress through their education.

We are in a unique position to support the next generation. By allowing them to gain hands-on experience and cultivate working relationships with industry professionals, we not only benefit the students tremendously but also gain fresh and innovative insights from these young learners.

We’ve joined the Breathe Culture Pledge

We’re proud to say that we have joined the Breathe Culture Pledge: A promise to put our people first, invest in their success and super-charge employee engagement.

Our people are key to our success, and by creating a progressive, supportive and inclusive culture, we can help them grow and achieve great things.

• We provide the tools to succeed, and our ongoing personal development program supports career progression.

• We acknowledge achievements that exemplify our values and deliver outstanding results.

• We respect differences and support people’s individuality.

At Smash Marketing, we’re proud to call our people team members, and we’re invested in creating an environment where they grow and thrive.


If you’d like to see if we can help with your marketing, please call, email or use the contact form - alternatively you can book a meeting with Beks using the calendar link.
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