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Google Remarketing Strategies

Have you ever seen an ad appear on a website and noticed it is for a product or service you previously looked at? If so, it was most likely Google Remarketing in action.

Remarketing provides brands an opportunity to re-engage with website visitors who didn't make a purchase during their initial visit.
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As customers browse the internet for specific products or services, Google can intelligently place a small piece of code on a user that acknowledges that they displayed an interest in a certain product, adding them to the remarketing list.

When this user visits another site that is a part of Google’s ad network, they can either be presented with the same ad as before, or a related ad from the same company.
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How can remarketing help your business grow?

Remarketing provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to generate leads and sales. The ability to intelligently track users and continue to display ads related to what they have viewed is economical as it ensures your resources are being spent on an individual who already demonstrated interest in your product or service.

As such, remarketing is an excellent opportunity for businesses that have limited budgetary resources for advertising.
Furthermore, our expert team understands the ins and outs of Google Remarketing, enabling them to leverage this knowledge efficiently to optimise your ads for maximum reach and impact.

Maximize Impact with Google Remarketing

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Google Remarketing

We will set up a small piece of code placed on your website to track new users and present your ads to them as they browse the web.

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Google Remarketing
Ongoing Management

We will monitor and adjust your ads to ensure that you get the best results. You will receive a report at the start of each month detailing the campaign's performance
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