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Google Display Ads

Increase brand
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Our Google Display Ads service is perfect for local small businesses looking to expand their online presence and boost brand visibility.
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Unlike search ads, which only appear to users specifically searching for your products or services, display ads are image and video ads that appear to people as they browse websites, social media, and apps. These can be image or video, depending on your preferences and requirements.

By utilizing visually engaging image and video ads, we can showcase your brand to potential customers and increase your reach to a wider audience.
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How can display ads help your business grow?

If you want to increase your brand awareness across the internet, then display advertising could be for you. At Smash Marketing we create visually appealing branded content, allowing your ad to stand out and be seen, with the intention that audiences will click on to your ad and be directed to your website to be converted into a customer.

Why improve your brand awareness? While other marketing strategies can yield faster results, brand awareness is key to generating familiarity between consumers and your brand. If consumers are aware of your brand, they are far more likely to engage with your other ad types.

The Google Display Network consists of over two million websites and apps that reach somewhere around 90% of internet traffic. This enormous potential for reach may introduce your brand to huge numbers of relevant consumers if wielded correctly.

However, incorrectly managed listings may instead present your company to irrelevant customers. This is where we come in. For a price that won’t break the bank, we will build your ads to reach the customers you need, tackling the required research to help your ads rise above the competition.

What We Offer

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Display Ads

Ideal for an organisation looking to reach new audiences, get its name out there and build brand awareness.
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Display Ads
Ongoing Management

We monitor and adjust the ads weekly to ensure you get the best results.

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