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Free Website Review

We’ll look at your website from the perspective of search engines and give you a report which will include a list of improvements that you can make to help move up the rankings.

You can then decide if you’d like us to carry out the work on your behalf, do it yourself, or pass the list onto your own developer.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

We offer a consultancy based service which will create a marketing strategy and implementation plan. The process includes meeting to fully understand your business and business objectives.

If you haven’t already, we’ll map out your target audience(s) and investigate which marketing channels they respond to. We’ll also look at the wider environment to see what other factors need to be considered, like your competition and appetite for your product/service.

From the results of research carried out and your own business objectives, we’ll make recommendations on the best marketing tactics to deliver a return. You can then carry out your own marketing safe in the knowledge that it should work, or we can manage this for you.

Website Content Management

Don’t have time or inclination to keep your website up to date?

We can do this for you. We’ve worked with most website platforms and can make your website work harder…. and likely look better at the same time.

One-Off SEO Project – get your site up to date

We will carry out an SEO review of the site. This will tell us what search engines think of the site. We’ll also review the website from a customer’s perspective. Is it easy to navigate? Can I find everything I’m looking for? Are any elements broken?

The next part of the process is keyword analysis. It can be very informative knowing exactly what your target audience are typing into search engines to find the services that you offer. We then recommend any extra pages at this point to capture missed traffic opportunities.

The errors on the page are then corrected, new pages added and navigation changed if necessary.

The final part is to write new meta data and add it to the website. These are your signposts to search engines to the purpose of each page.

Ongoing SEO Package

Google reportedly made over 500 changes to its algorithm last year. It is important to keep on top of these changes and keep search engines happy with your website.

Onsite SEO refers to changes made on the website itself. We’ll monitor your site and make regular changes to ensure it remains compliant. We’ll also keep the website up-to-date by adding relevant content. Content includes things like blogs, testimonials, product information, images and other items relevant to your industry.

Offsite SEO refers to the work we do to create links back to your site. These are done through a variety of tactics including blogger outreach, citation work (online listings) and other tactics relevant to your industry. We only use ethical techniques.

Email Marketing

If done properly, email marketing can still gain fantastic results.

We will build relevant marketing emails and send them out to targeted segments using your own customer data. Emails can be simple a one-message communication or a lengthy e-zine – depending on your communication objectives. We’re happy to work with your existing email platform, or recommend a new one. All communications will be GDPR compliant.

Online Advertising

We manage Google ads including AdWords, display advertising and video ads through YouTube. Each campaign is tailored to your individual needs. We monitor all campaigns on a daily or weekly basis (depending on the campaign). Monthly reports are sent out.

Social Media Marketing

We’ll look at your target audience and communication objectives and recommend the best social media channel(s) suited to your needs. If a communications strategy if necessary, we can look after this for you, it will include things like message frequency, message types and tone of voice etc.

We can work with you on a for a one-off campaign, or more regularly to manage day to day communications – and everything in between. We have experience working in all the main social media channels.

Marketing Consultancy

Need help with a particular project? Or maybe you just want to make sure that your existing marketing efforts are effective? It can be enlightening letting an impartial consultant in to analyse your communications.

In-house training and Marketing Mentoring

We find that a lot of companies want to take control of their own marketing. We’ve have put together a few packages that suit all companies.
We can come into your business and teach the person responsible for marketing exactly what to do. This can be on a one-off basis or we can nurture and mentor the person on a monthly basis.

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