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Case Study – Made by the Forge – Google Ads

Case Study – Made by the Forge – Google Ads

Founded in 2006, Made by the Forge is a small, family run business specialising in world-class handcrafted solid iron and metal curtain poles, accessories, and homeware. They supply to a growing clientele, including top interior designers and some very important individuals across the globe.

Key achievements following the work undertaken with Smash Marketing include:

  • Significant reductions in the cost per conversion.
  • Significant increases in the amount of conversions received.
  • Significant return on Ad Spend.

The Problem

Made by the Forge had been running Google Ads for a long time previous to working with us. These ads were proving costly and weren’t performing as well as they could have done. Their cost per click was extremely high, and despite reaching a lot of people and receiving a lot of clicks – conversions were comparatively low with an extortionate cost per conversion that averaged over £99 in 2019.

The Solution

Working alongside Made by the Forge, we carried out keyword research for their ads to ensure that they were being optimized to display to the right people. We then reviewed their landing pages to make sure that they were optimized correctly and the user experience was fluent.

Once this was carried out, we built the ads and monitored them daily to make small alterations where needed. This included reviewing search terms and marking any irrelevant terms as negative keywords. We also monitored the recommendations section to make sure we were following Google’s recommendations. The recommendations helped us identify clashing negative keywords and where we needed to change keywords from broad to exact or phrase match.

The Result

As a result of working with Smash Marketing, Made by the Forge’s Ads are experiencing excellent results, this includes:

Significant increases in the amount of conversions received.

In 2019, Made by the Forge averaged 4.8 conversions per month across their ads. In September 2020 alone, they received over 30 conversions from their ads. Paid search is now responsible for over 29% of their conversions.

Significant reductions in the cost per conversion.

In addition, their previous cost per conversion sat at over £99. As a result of working with us, this cost has almost quartered; reducing to (as it stands) under £20 per conversion made.

A huge return on ad spend.

Most excitingly, Made by the Forge have experienced huge returns on ad spend – totalling over £8,400 in revenue from £585 ad spend in September alone, which equates to a return of over 1400%.

Next Steps

Moving forward, we plan to continue working with Made by the Forge to further reduce their costs – focusing on their cost per click and cost per conversion. We’re excited to see what the future holds and how much more successful they’ll be with continued work.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the services we can provide, contact us.

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