Best of Suffolk - SEO

The Customer

Best of Suffolk began in 2006 with 6 holiday cottages, which has since grown to over 400 self-catering cottages in Suffolk and Norfolk.

The Problem

Best of Suffolk wanted to improve their search rankings, rise above their competitors in search results and be the first found holiday cottage company in Suffolk. They had been working with another digital agency but were not seeing the results they hoped for and wanted to restore confidence in working with an external agency. The previous agency had been working mainly on technical issues with the site and had not prioritised SEO work.
No 1 Ranking for 6 of the 8 main keywords.
No. 10
Increased users to website by:
0 %
Decreased website bounce rate by:
0 %
Increased users to website by
0 %
Increased goal completions(bookings / enquiries) by:
0 %
Increased share of web traffic from 29.06% to 44.9%
29.04 %
89 keywords in the top 3 positions of Google – and 128 on page 1 of Google (top 10 results).
50 top 3
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The Solution

We began with a full SEO audit and developed a strategy that included several ‘white hat’ SEO activities including keyword research, link building and directories, copy writing and website auditing. We worked in partnership with a web developer who were responsible for technical work on the site and updating/upgrading as necessary.

Best of Suffolk already had 8 key phrases that were a priority to rank for; we allocated these to relevant pages and carried out further keyword research to ascertain semantic and related words and also key phrases for other pages that were not yet ranking well.

The site was also lacking in content, with many of the key pages only having a few sentences. We wrote long-form quality copy, initially for the priority pages and later for other pages that were related to keywords with high search traffic.

Other SEO work carried out included link building and regular backlink audits, not only to gain links to the Best of Suffolk site, but also link out to other trusted, relevant sites. Regular backlink audits ensured that toxic backlinks were disavowed from the Best of Suffolk site, in order to prevent them affecting search rankings.

The Result

Best of Suffolk’s share of UK web traffic against its main competitors has increased from 29% to 44%, and 6 of their 8 main keywords are in No 1 position.

In addition, 89 of Best of Suffolk’s keywords are within the top 3 positions of Google searches, and 128 keywords are on page 1 of Google search results.

Next Steps

The tourism sector is highly competitive, and Best of Suffolk’s website needs continual work to keep ahead of its competitors. We plan to continue auditing the site and carrying out technical fixes, plus detailed SEO work and regular updating of not only the key pages, but all that attract high volumes of traffic.


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