The Smash weekly roundup – 7th December

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It’s been another busy week in the world of marketing, with November wrapping up and the festive season truly starting there is plenty to talk about! 

From the world of social media

It’s been a big year for the Facebook family of brands (now re-branded to “Meta”) – but that hasn’t stopped the giant of social media losing some of its audience to the new kid on the block, TikTok. TikTok boasted over 1 billion active users in September 2021 – most of whom are teenagers or young adults (previously the key demographic for Instagram). To coax this demographic back and respond to the obvious shift in the way people interact with content online, Instagram have announced a few key updates.

Shifting away from a feed of predominantly static images, Instagram are instead shifting their focus to include more short-form video content. By increasing story video length to 60 seconds, as well as introducing their “Swipeable” Reels feed, Instagram appear to be successfully positioning themselves back into the social media zeitgeist.

What does this mean for the Instagram algorithm? Nothing, currently. However, you can safely assume that if engagement drives the algorithm, then the type of content you put out needs to reflect what currently gets the most engagement. Find out more here.

From the world of traditional media

Tesco managed to get into hot water with their Christmas advert, titled “This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us”. Following more than 5,000 complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency claiming that Santa having a “Covid Vaccine Passport” encouraged medical discrimination, the ASA found no grounds for further action.

“While we understand that some people disagree with the vaccine programme and may find the ad in poor taste, we have concluded that the ad is unlikely to be seen as irresponsible or cause serious widespread offence on the basis suggested” a spokesman for the ASA said.

Receiving 5,009 complaints, Tesco’s festive advert is now the second most complained about advert in history – with Paddy Powers “Money back if he walks” campaign taking first place with 5,525 complaints. This 2014 advertising campaign attempted to generate business from the murder trial of disgraced South African athlete Oscar Pistorius. Find out more here.

From the world of marketing

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are quickly taking over the western world, with many brands finding innovative ways to incorporate this new phenomenon into their marketing strategies. NFTs are taking the world by storm thanks to cryptocurrency and the blockchain. NFTs get minted on the blockchain, which validates the virtual asset and its ownership. No alterations can be made without it being recorded on a digital ledger. This makes it an extremely secure way of proving validity and ownership.

The Robert Mondavi Winery have been experimenting with NFTs as a way of authenticating wine from their vineyards, in a 21st century response to the centuries old counterfeit wine industry.  Enthusiasts can purchase an NFT from the Robert Mondavi Winery and in return they receive a physical magnum bottle of wine that corresponds with their NFT.

K-Swiss have also joined the NFT hype-train with a limited release of their classic ’66 sneaker. Collectors can purchase one of 55 NFTs which will correspond to their physical pair of the iconic trainer. While they have currently only dipped their toes in the water with a panel of “invite only” collectors, K-Swiss have announced plans to release a broader range of useable virtual products.

Many, many other retailers are investigating how they can incorporate NFTs into their 2022 strategy, and with the shift into web3.0, you can expect to see the words cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFT appearing more and more. Now is the time to find out how you can adopt them into your brand! Find out more here.

From the world of SEO

Making sure that your website can be effectively read, indexed, and ranked by search engines can feel like trying to paint by numbers – except the numbers keep changing and someone keeps moving your paint. For obvious reasons, large search engine platforms keep their algorithms under wraps – and it’s our job as Digital Marketing specialists to stay one step ahead of their changes!

Google made 3 core updates across 2021, with the final update completing in November. While there are daily updates that tend to slip by unnoticed, these large core updates have us waiting with bated breath to see how they will affect page rankings.

The core updates seem to be focused around ensuring that relevant and up to date, appropriate content was being ranked correctly – battling against the rising tide of misinformation and spam websites. Other updates focused on product reviews and page experiences. For the most part, businesses who are following best practice for their SEO will continue to rank well.

If you have found that the core updates have impacted your page rankings – get in touch! We offer a one-off SEO audit, as well as a range of ongoing SEO packages to suit most budgets. 

Are your page rankings affected by the core updates?

We offer SEO audits as well as a range of ongoing SEO packages to suit most budgets.
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