How to SMASH Christmas on Social Media

The days are getting shorter. The sales are starting, the trees are going up and the lights are going on. The festive season is upon us! With online shoppers spending over £2bn during the Christmas period alone – getting your brand noticed has never been more important.


As Norwich based digital marketers – we are here to help you plan for the season, and make the most out of social media marketing. Whether your primary platform is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, our survival guide is here to help you through Christmas 2021. But not content with giving you a 5 step survival guide, we’re also going to give some more advice here! 

Content is king But not all content was created equal

The type of content you put out on social media can affect how the algorithm decides to spread it. Text based posts don’t tend to perform as well as image posts. Image posts don’t tend to perform as well as video posts. Video posts are brilliant for explaining or showcasing a new range – but make sure to keep it interesting and relevant. After all, why post a 20 minute video when a 3 minute video would get the same message across? Canva is a fantastic website for creating professional looking branded imagery and videos for your socials, they even have a free plan! 

Share the festive spirit! You’ve decorated your shop, office or home, now it’s time to decorate your social media! Adding Christmas related banners or graphics to your profiles keep your look fresh and in season. Keep your branding though – your brand is how people recognise you! See some examples below: 

Incentivising your audience User Generated Content & Engagement

What’s a great way to incentivise your users? A competition! Reward your biggest advocates with a prize for spreading the good word about your brand. Spotify does this every year with their “Spotify Wrapped” campaign, asking their audience to share their own curated playlists & statistics: 

By creating a buzz around your brand, you can increase your reach and brand awareness largely through organic means! Could you offer a prize for the most creative placement of your products? The best drawing? The funniest caption of a picture? Encourage a mix of reactions buy using these features as a poll! 

Festive events Showcase your festive spirit

Are you doing anything special for Christmas? A toy drive for charity? Is Santa making a special visit to your establishment? A festive sale? Talk about it! Encourage your audience to visit your physical location (if you have one – make sure you share plenty of pictures of the event if you do!) or online store. Don’t just stop there though! Keep the posts going through the event! Ask your audience to contribute with pictures or content of their own. Use the event itself to generate a buzz around your brand and increase your chances of being picked up by the algorithm. 

Make converting easier Don't waste the opportunity

Try to avoid adding external links into your posts on social media. As this takes traffic away from the platform, the algorithm tends to penalise these posts. Instead, put any links in the comments beneath that post. You’ve probably seen this across most of the platforms, especially Facebook and LinkedIn. Not only are you still driving potential traffic in the right direction, you are also increasing your engagement score with a comment! 

Make sure that you keep the users journey in mind when you decide where to link to. If your post is about a specific product, make sure your link goes directly to it. Try to reduce the amount of barriers between your audience, and a conversion (whatever that may be). This makes the likelihood of converting much, much higher. 

Instagram & Pinterest Demystifying picture based social media

Instagram is, compared to the competition, miles ahead in the way they determine engagement. While there is always the concern that it will be changed, Instagram currently does not penalise a business account, treating them the same as personal accounts. Instagrams “Stories” feature is a fantastic way to interact with your audience, and their new “Reels” feature to  rival TikTok is getting brilliant reviews from brands. 

Pinterest, much like Instagram, is absolutely dominating the “female millennial” market, with this cohort of users being the most “active pinners”. Make sure you’re posting high quality images with the relevant keywords included, and only pin them to the relevant boards. Try to keep it to 15-25 a day, and no more than 10 boards per pin – but remember, quality over quantity!

Fresh content is key across all social media platforms, but this goes double for Instagram and Pinterest. The second most important thing is consistency. Try not to post randomly throughout the day, keep to a schedule and try to reply to all comments as soon as possible in the 3-4 hours after posting. Keep ahead of the algorithm!

Linkedin and TikTok Work in the front and party in the back.

Marketing on LinkedIn can prove rather tricky, but it is an amazing tool for reaching other professionals. LinkedIn prioritises content from users you engage with (who post consistently), users who get a large amount of meaningful engagement and favours native content (text posts, image with text or video with text). The key to success here is to mix up your posts – don’t just post from the business page. Encourage employees to share posts from their page (where guidelines allow) and post them yourself! Consistency is absolutely key and always try to spark a conversation with your posts. 

TikTok, on the other hand, is entirely video based and works around a meme economy. This Short Form video platform is predominantly popular with teenagers, however it is rapidly gaining ground with millennials and the over 50’s. Out of all other platforms, the TikTok platform seems to have the most complex algorithm, yet this makes it the most rewarding. Based on things such as country, language, device the algorithm sorts you in to various categories. This is then further finessed through the way you interact with accounts, who you interact with and how you do it. Collaborating with established influencers is a fantastic way to get started, but making sure you post fresh, fun content that people want to engage with is a priority. 

Paid for advertising Pay-Per-Click and Promoter Posts.

How often do you find yourself idly scrolling social media when you get a few moments to yourself? You’re not the only person. It’s estimated that at any one time, over 4.4 billion other people are also scrolling away. Think of the opportunities for growth! 

Paid social advertising offers what organic reach doesn’t – the chance to target your ideal customers. Most people have a social media profile – decide who your ideal target personas are and conduct a little research on where they are likely to scroll away their spare time. Decide on a budget, and get experimenting! 

Paid for and search engine advertising can be tricky, and difficult to navigate. Thankfully, we’re experts! Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you to reach your perfect customer through paid advertising. 

Do you have big plans for 2022? Now is the time to start a conversation with us! We want to help your business succeed. Our services include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads/Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (both posting and ads), Email marketing, Content creation/writing and Marketing strategy & planning. Get in touch with us to get the ball rolling!

Following the amount of fear and isolation we endured over 2020 and parts of 2021, we want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope you all have a brilliant year in 2022. Thank you to all of our customers, and to our future customers - we can't wait to meet you!

The Smash Marketing Team
Nathan Pearson

Nathan Pearson

Marketing Executive.

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